Photography has always been my passion – OK, maybe obsession. When I was growing up, my mother turned the laundry room into her darkroom in our house in Maine. I was fascinated with her photographs, studying her compositions, following her around when she was shooting. As soon as I could have a camera, it became an extension of me.

It’s exhilarating to capture a nanosecond of life through a lens. Preserving memories with the finest photography is always my goal. And digital technology in all its forms has empowered photography to be more experimental, more carefree, more creative. It’s a pleasure to use this digital toolbox to shoot, edit, create, assemble and deliver designer-quality products to my clients!

Wedding photography is closest to my heart. What a privilege, responsibility and joy to document the day that you become a family, surrounded by relatives and friends. Documentation of that day becomes the first heirloom of your new life together.

I delight in helping you capture all the moments of your marriage – engagements photos, births, anniversaries, celebration milestones, child and family portraits and so much more.

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